Thursday, August 03, 2006

Stock Advice

Someone actually asked me for some more info the other day, so check out these stock symbols: DHF, HYB, PHK, HIS. They are high income (over 9% yield) and pay monthly dividends. With HYB you can also choose to reinvest that dividend or get it in cash. That stock pays 9.7% yield and compounds monthly essentially. Not bad. Varied in price over the last year from $2-$2.25. I own the 4 just for a bit of variety. Don't blame me if you lose your shirt, etc yada etc. Your risk, not mine.

Pale Imitators

"All you other Slim Shadys are just imitating"
Well, it is the sincerest form of flattery. Lots of Rob Logs, and RoBlogs out there. But this is *THE* Rob Log. Err, Roblog, whatever.

The nominees, via Googlin':

TRL: The Rob Log
roBlog dot org
Rob's Log

I was gonna do more, but that's about all this topic is worth. You got the real thing so what more do you need? There's always google for the additionally curious.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Subliminal Arrow in Fedex Logo

Did you ever notice that there is an arrow hidden in the Fedex logo? Look at the black space between the e and the x at the end. It was designed that way on purpose. More on Wikipedia.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Self Timing Egg

These eggs let you know when they're done. The printing shows when they are. Now wouldn't it be neat if you could have your own custom stuff on these? The mind boggles. Slip a few in a friend's fridge with a joke of your own choosing. Company logo for those conference breakfasts? No problem. A UPC code would be funny. 'Eat me' might be good too. I wonder if the hourglass spins, like on Windows? Stolen from over at Gizmodo, one of my favorites.

Free Emigrant Direct Hat and Money!

Free Emigrant Direct Hat
Originally uploaded by rcbullock.geo.
Speaking of Free Stuff (tm), drop me an
Email if you'd some free money for opening an UnWired Buyer account. I will send you $2.50 plus they will give you $20 via Paypal. They will call you on your cell if you are bidding on an ebay auction and it's ending. Never miss another last chance to bid again. It's free. The gravy train's got biscuit wheels.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The new standard for cute

I've seen it before, but for those of you that haven't, it's my job to point out those bright little points in the net-iverse.

Blogging on a traditional media site

I'm not saying my site's all that great, but given the time and effort, would you want to put your content on the site of, say, a newspaper? The Daily Oklahoman will let you build a blog and add content for them. Check it out. Seems like your work is helping a company make money by driving up their traffic. You are creating content for a content company with no monetary reward. Am I wrong? I like doing things for the sake of doing them, but the electric company won't take that form of payment. I'll be glad when my lotto numbers hit so I can rise above petty concerns like paying the bills and sending my kids to college. Blog for bloggin's sake, I guess, but do it for your own potential benefit and not someone else's.


I stayed at this dump in Dallas on Thursday night. The Mansion on Turtle Creek. Everyone's anxious to help and you find yourself compelled to tip them. I wish I'd had a dollar bill dispenser on my belt. Need some extra towels? $2 Ironing board? $2 Help with bags? $3 Babysitter? $100. 4 pieces of bacon? $5 3 pieces of 'Jimmy Dean' sausage? $5 Ride in the courtesy car for 5 minutes? $5 Internet? $9.95 a day. Cha ching cha ching cha ching. That free night at the hotel was about a break even proposition even though my wife got paid for going to the training there. Yeah I know, boo hoo, a free night in a luxury hotel with a 5 star restaurant. Here's the point: the thing about those places is that every little thing costs you, so it lessens the experience in the end. I mean, someone's spending a lot of money here, could we roll in something with the pricey room? $250 a night, could I please surf the web for free, like they give you at Hooters in Texas? (I was in Chili's next door and it worked.) :) Every little thing seems to cost you, unlike many lesser hotels with free wifi and a continental breakfast. Just charge me for it all and include it in the price of the room if you're a high end hotel. Don't hit me up for every little thing if that much money is already changing hands. In their defense, of course everything service and facility-wise is right. Free cookies in the lobby, a little snack on check in that's brought to your room, etc. It was a gorgeous place, they were at your service, and it was extremely neat and tidy. But I slept better at the Courtyard Marriott in Irving, TX the next night. And it was right around the corner from Fry's, a favorite nerdery. I guess between Warren Buffett and Donald Trump, I'll take Warren. If it's between Warren Buffett and Jimmy Buffett I'll take Jimmy. But if it's between Target and Wal Mart, I'll take Target. Ya gotta live a little.
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