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R Mode and TeamRedMiner HiveOS settings

 850 core clock somehow reverted me to 1400mhz. Appears that 900 is the lowest I can set which saves about 5W in software and about the same hashrate. I presume it runs cooler too, so, saves A/C if your rig is inside. Pic shows results, which is a nice bump on the 6700XT.  As for the 6600XT and 6600, not much benefit other than a little power savings and a little cooler running, so it's probably worth doing...but. meh. Basically on the 6600XT you can run the core at 900mhz and get the same hash as 1100mhz, which you'd think would make bigger diff on's about 2W per card from what I see. 900mhz is also the lowest that appears to work correctly on those. Sometimes one fan will show 14% vs 34%...shrug. Bout as low as they go I'd guess.

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