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Actors: Sometimes it literally IS about just showing up.

A little backstory: I've done work with this local production company in the past, and while it's a small shop, it's always FUN and includes a paycheck and a nice lunch. (We've all seen the 'UNPAID' roles on certain sites. LOL.) So when I saw a post that they needed a background actor, I put in for it because it's always been a good time. This is the 3rd project I've worked on for them.  I've done nationally airing commercials and TV shows, but I don't consider this role 'beneath me' because who knows? Maybe someday it will be an Easter egg for someone to spot me. And if I think it's fun, I'll consider pretty much anything. I'll stretch my acting muscles any way I can and any experience IMHO is good experience. This turned out to be even more than that. I'm just supposed to be 'warehouse worker'.  Until I show up . Hint hint. We all sit down. About 1 minute into the conversation, the head guy (he wears several hats

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