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Asus E203: It doesn't suck for $20

Bit of a placeholder. Don't laugh, I got it for $20. 2gb RAM/32GB EMMC. It's going to be my 'live in my car' mostly machine. Tips: Turn on memory compression Turn off CPU power management Make sure 64GB is allocated to GPU in Bios Trackpad wonky: reset EC chip Turn off all visual effects in Windows Make sure both CPU cores are enabled in Windows (boot options) Uninstall unused windows programs and features and disable services you don't need. Set new files/downloads/etc to be created on SD. disable system restore points (just make a bacup on a thumb drive..usb 3 is fast and this is a 32GB emmc uninstall MS Office. Results: This will play YouTube videos at 1080p60 and not drop frames or max cpu. Display is only x766 but to me it looks a little better than 720p Have 3.67GB free on the emmc so far.

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