Let Me Stick This Some Place

I spent 22 years in the military as officer and enlisted. This book is not about Navy Seals. But I did complete the Navy's Aviation Preflight Indoc, and of course their water survival curse (I mean course), Air Force Land/Water survival course, Army Basic, Air Force OTS, and USAF Nav school etc. etc.

I'll have to pull out the DD-214.

The idea being there's enough crazy little stories and details that I believe can give you some chuckles or 'Holy Crap' moments.

Story titles:

Fun with Explosives
Sure, you can Bring a Bunch of Firearms to Drill
The Safety Violation Song
It Was a Good Plan until You Got Caught
Kenny G
Is that a Panicked Item?!
A Mushroom Room
I Get All the "Prince" Jokes
The Faded Brother
Protip: Just Snort a Handful of Pool Water First
We Don't Have A Vacuum but We have a Sextant Port


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