Saturday, October 10, 2009

How many progress indicators do you need?

I got this on my iPhone. Count 'em, THREE progress indicators on the
screen at the same time. Sorry for the landscape mode.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

OS X Server 10.4.11: Can no longer login to ftp has the answer. 

I spent some time chasing this one. I couldn't login anonymously or with a user login. AARG. 

Turns out, you shouldn't leave Server Admin running, as it can corrupt the ftpaccess and ftpaccess~

I'm also wondering if running the 10.4 admin tools on OS X 10.5 caused it. Running Server monitor 1.5f6 on OS X Client 10.5 crashes instantly. Both versions of Server Admin (the one on my server running OS X Server 10.4.11 and my laptop running 10.5.8) are the same though.

After deleting those files a couple times and restarting the ftp service, it works again. I also wiped the log file at /Library/Logs/FTP.transfer.log

Monday, October 05, 2009

How to Return A Netflix DVD if you lost the Mailer

I found someone thought of the same thing I did, and scanned in a pic of the return mailer. What I've done is just printed that out and changed the address to my closest distribution center, which is Houston. That address, which Netflix gave me, is

PO Box 4465
Houston, TX 77210

I also wrote a note to the postmaster assuring them that this was the correct address for the nearest Netflix facility.

This is confirmed to work; Netflix received my disk in the normal time.

I've got an idea: Netflix should make it so that you can go to their website, put in your zip, and it will automatically generate a mailer envelope with the closest center on it.

You print it out, tape it up, and return it that way. I was just on the phone with Netflix and made this suggestion, so where's my cost savings check?

If you call 1-866-716-0414 they will give you the particular address you are looking for.

Of course, if you lost the white sleeve the disc goes in, you'll need to follow the instructions on Netflix's site.

Beginning iPhone Development Books

I programmed a bit in college. Assembly, C, PLCs at least. BASIC in Jr. High and High School. So I'm not a total newbie, I just need to learn syntax, the programming environment, etc.

The books I have are 'Learn Objective-C on the Mac' and 'Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK'.

So far, I've done the first couple of projects in each. I'm going to drop the iPhone portion and concentrate on the Objective-C side of the house first.

The Objective-C is not for the absolute C newbie. It explains about 90% of the code, but a few of the items I have to research to find out if it's a variable, some sort of built in C function or command or what. Not insurmountable, just be aware that this is not quite what I would call a beginners book.

If you've programmed before, and definitely in C of some flavor, you should be ok. My experience isn't exhaustive by any stretch, but I've worked with computers a long time and used 3 or 4 different languages in the past, so it's not totally alien territory either.

'Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK' assumes you know a bit more, but so far, seems to actually explain the code and what you are doing with the SDK even better.

A word about this book: there are 2 or 3 editions. None cover the new OS 3.0 features. The earlier editions are a few bucks cheaper, but don't bother unless $7-$10 is a make or break for you. If that were true, you wouldn't be working on a Mac would you?

I am using a 1.83Ghz C2D Macbook with 3 gigs of RAM and a 500 gig hard drive for development. My OS is 10.5. This is a perfectly fine environment so far.

Now, all I need is to finish my app idea and get the $99 application fee to put stuff in the iTunes store.

Buy the books here and help me reach my goal!

Fish Place #3 in Sugarland, TX: A Review

This is a nice little hole in the wall type restaurant, with good prices and very good food. We went on a Saturday night and it was fairly busy.

My wife had the all you can eat catfish for $7.99 and I have the seafood platter for $10.99. Mine came with 2 sides. I think that it came with: 3 pieces catfish, 3 chicken breast strips, 2 shrimp, crab ball, boudin ball, stuffed fried jalapeno. I chose (IIRC) the onion rings and jambalaya rice as sides out of a fairly large selection. My wife had the red beans and rice as one of her choices. The kids had chicken and popcorn shrimp dinners. The popcorn shrimp were about an inch across, and I would not have classed them as popcorn shrimp, just small shrimp.

Overall, it was fresh and hot. I think it hit my table within a 1-2 minutes of being cooked. It was still too hot to eat, so that's soon enough.

Individual reviews:

1. Catfish: piping hot, great thin crispy batter. One piece was a bit thick for my tastes. Flavor was excellent. Not a 'muddy' bit in the byte. (Har.) Even the thick piece. Has to be farm raised grain fed.
2. Chicken: a different thin crispy batter. Very nice.
3. Shrimp: butterfly fillet, pretty standard. Good.
4. Onion Rings: gotta be Vidalia onions. Sweet. Egg type batter.
5. Boudin ball. I don't like boudin balls, so I won't comment. Very thin batter.
6. Crab ball. Excellent. Sweet. Could be some fake crab in there, but I also found a bit of shell. Fine with me if they mix it as it was much better than many if not most of the crab balls/stuffed crab I've had.
7. Remoulade Sauce: Excellent. (Came with dinner.)

I had a piece of chicken, the boudin ball, some rice, onion rings, and one piece of catfish left over. Good value for the money. Pretty much another small meal in leftovers.

Wonder where the other two are, if this is #3?

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