Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Jay Robb Egg White Protein vs. Liquid Egg Whites

In short, the egg whites in the carton are pure, nothing added, and cheaper.

I like Jay Robb and his products, but the math on this is:

HEB Brand Pasteurized Egg Whites: 16 oz for $1.88
(This means it's safe to add to your shakes.) 454 gram container, 45g of protein

Jay Robb Powdered Egg Whites, Vanilla. Let's call it $20 but I couldn't find it actually that cheap on the web.
12 oz container, 240g of protein.

So, $18.88 for 450g of protein in the liquid, pure whites (10 cartons for this price), or $20 for 240g of protein for the powdered.

Plus with the cartons it doesn't have any sugar alcohols.

If you need shelf life or portability, or a different form of it for cooking, then that may be a factor.

But for general use at home, the cartons of pasteurized whites are the way to go.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Google Play Finally Supporting Verizon Wireless Carrier Billing

This is why I've never liked Verizon. They disable things on their phones, are slow with updates and adaptations of features like this, you can't easily change what phone you have like GSM, they are expensive , and the plans are bewildering.

For a refreshing change, check out my venture:

We have one plan with unlimited everything, and we give you cash back.

Google Play Finally Supporting Verizon Wireless Carrier Billing

Google Play now has 675,000 apps and games, which is great, as long as consumers have a way to purchase them. Over the past two years, Google has bee... read more


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