Friday, February 13, 2009

Big Sisters are Dangerous

Here's the kids on a hike in the Lost Dutchman State Park near Apache Junction, AZ. Old school Arizona. The cool kind, not like in Snobsdale, err I mean Scottsdale.

Aaron's famous quote: "I want to touch the mountain!"


Still, rampant commercialization can be fun.

V Day

Mmmm. Candy snowmen!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

OS X Server: AAAAAARG or, "No Mountable File Systems" = bad RAM

I started getting "No Mountable File Systems" SOMETIMES when opening a DMG.

So, I did what I usually did when that sort of thing occurs. I start hammering the system. In this case, memtest reported a RAM failure. Also it reported the same failure in single user mode which really means RAM is bad.

Removing the RAM, reseating, and even different RAM slots all had the same effect.

Check out memtest and rember.

If you're having goofy problems, check your RAM. You will not get any sort of warning. Microsoft is nice enough to provide a utility for this.

You have to burn a CD for it, but not a big deal. Then you just reboot from that CD.

Apple, you could learn something here.
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