Saturday, June 23, 2007

No News is good News

Quick updates:

* Week 2 at XJT is done. Rather anticlimactic so far. More to come on the comparison between that and Trans States later.

* I upgraded my dual 500Mhz G4 Mac with a flashed PC Radeon 9800 Pro. The equivalent card in 2003 was $399. I paid $40. It's good to wait on technology. MUCH faster in almost everything, as the Mac uses the video card heavily for all the display, decoding some video I think, etc.

* Apple gave me an $80 software package I wanted today, because my Macbook was delayed a week or more. Wasn't supposed to ship until 6/29. Then later today I got an email saying it had shipped today. :) I bet they messed up somewhere and didn't want to admit it. It was a refurb, so it's not like it shouldn't have been in stock and ready to go. I placed my order on 6/12.
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