Saturday, January 26, 2008

Me and Kimberly on the Beach

I was on an overnight in Chicago and me and my daughter played World of Warcraft and here's a screencap from it.

We can talk the whole time with Skype in the background and I can see her if I run it in a window.

Great way to play and spend time if you're on the road. Not much different from being there except tucking into bed is missed.

Can't complain too much as I didn't work from 16-24 Jan and didn't leave the house until 6pm on the 25th. So, I figure so far it's a good tradeoff.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

1962 Cessna 182E for Sale


UPDATE 1/23/07:

I'm including the following items:

4 place portable oxygen with cannulas and masks (Aerox Brand, 22cu ft)
-this system makes mountain flying possible, and fatigue if you fly long distance is practically non-existent. I flew Las Vegas to Oklahoma City on this once and it made a huge difference.

6" handheld moving Map GPS (EKP II NT)
With 2 data cards, 'Texas and Oklahoma' and 'The Americas'.

1962 Cessna 182E Current owner 5+ years, previous owner 12+ years. Texas and Midwest aircraft for entire history + has been corrosion treated. Clean airframe. VERY complete logs and records, each flight going back to the 90’s in fact. Hangared from early 1990’s to 2007.
6232 TT
1139 SMOH
593 STOH
Sep 2006 IFR certification; Oct 2007 Annual
1693 empty weight, 2800 Gross.
Stec 30 A/P slaved to LORAN w/ database, CDI, Hdg bug. Altitude hold.
KX 155 w/Glideslope.
Flybuddy II LORAN w/database. Easy upgrade to GX 55 GPS!
KMA 20 Audio Panel
Built in 4 place intercom.,2nd Radio for emergency use, works but is a 360 channel.
Metcoaire wingtips, Cessna wheelpants, Goodyear FlightCustom tires all around.
6 channel digital Electronics International EGT
Auto gas STC
1996 – new interior installed. Exc shape.
Cessna 182P seats installed; fully articulating w/headrest
Aero plastics extra thick single piece windshield 9/2002

A LOT of money has been spent on many details not listed here. Furnished on Request.
Price : $57,000
See at Parker Aviation at AXH, Houston Southwest Apt.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So, we're out at the horse stables...oh heck, here's the short version:

It's rainy, nasty, and there's the roll of paper towels I'd used to wipe a place to sit. Destructar, robot of embarrassment (3rd class) knocked the roll off the bench, down the hill, and into a river of muddy water.

Good job, son.

I know you're out there Lunatic Fringe but I have no idea what you did last summer

And don't give a crap, frankly never did.

But WHERE are you?

Witness my frappr map.

Now you can avoid (or flock to, your choice) areas with high concentrations of roblog readers.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Advertiser Headgames

This is funny, Sears' ad for a 46" TV on the left and (IIRC) Best Buy on the right for 42/46/52" TV's.

I love the way the Sears ad fills the whole page width and the Best Buy ad says to me "You sort of suck for not buying the 52".

Best Buy shows the 42" so that it looks like HALF the size of the 52". Really? Is it that much smaller?

They might as well also say: "If you buy the 42" then we've got to question your manhood."
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