Thursday, July 14, 2011

Boogie Board 10.5, Message Center, and iPod Touch Skin Flik Review

Hey, it's a combo review! They sent me three items at the same time. Work, Work, Work. The new 10.5" Boogie Board is really nice.

Sorry about the dark video in the middle of the video, but you can see better pics of the Message Center if you look at the product banner at the bottom and click there. Maybe you'll even buy through our link and score theroblog a nice fat commission. We love those.


The magnets from the Boogie Board fridge kit peel off the 8.5" original Boogie Board with no residue for placing it into the Message Center.

None of the styluses are the same across the Message Center, original Boogie Board, and the 10.5", but old pen telescopes out and fits the 10.5" fine.

8.5" Boogie Board doesn't lock tightly into message center. Vertical orientation is better so it is held in by gravity.

The Message Center pen is hard to get out, I wonder will it get better with wear? I recommend using the old pen holder that you get with the magnet kit. Not a big deal as you can write with your fingernail in a pinch anyway, or a capped ballpoint pen, etc.

Ipod case is neat, but scene is boring. How bout making it sort of a status display
like alternate between 'cool!' and 'not cool!' or something.
I had to remove and replace the batteries in iPod case to get it to work.

10.5 is overall a slicker product with more and incremental features in the right place.

Look, we've thoughtfully included a product picker for Amazon!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why My Daughter is Not Good at Math

"Well you say it will take 5 minutes, but you really have to double it by three."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Letting your kid ride your roll a board like a horse. Free. Him windmilling one arm and flailing away at its flank and yelling 'yah yah yah!': priceless.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

ExpressJet FO Seniority

(I will change the date on this post when I update it, but the historical data will be kept, with most recent info at the top.)

ExpressJet FO seniority18 March 2015. For some reason I use military date formats now. :)
#50 of 329. TOTAL FOs in IAH. Still can't upgrade to Captain, still can't hold the schedule I want after being here almost 9 years. Which will be in 3 months.

7/10/2011 331 of 394 in IAH, got the last line in Houston. I hope I can hold one come fall. This is out of the bidding FOs. Lots of people on military leave. 84th percentile. Got some nice improvements by swapping things in open time. So nice to be a lineholder after only 4 years. At a regional.
1/25/11 Got Houston again, 21 people under me now. 482 out of 503 preliminarily. Oh well, at least I'll probably not be on the 3AM reserve callout time. 0430 I'm betting. 95.8 percentile. As a percentile, I had better in base seniority as a new hire 3.5 years ago. Well, at least no more Cleveland commute.

1/1/11 Back to Cleveland, around 80th percentile. 92 out of 112. Couldn't hold Houston AGAIN.

12/1/10 Got back to Houston as a base, but on reserve. 7 people from the bottom.
5/1/10 Came back off furlough, can't hold Houston as a base any more as it's gotten way senior. Cleveland based.
10/31/08 Furloughed.
8/1/08 September Bid Pack. 544 out of 624. Moved up 19 seniority numbers system wide. 172 something numbers out of holding a line. Only 372 lines this month.
7/4/08 August bid pack. 544 out of 624. Yay. No change. When's the furlough so's I can at least get my unemployment and work on my World of Warcraft? I did move up 29 seniority numbers company-wide, which is at little over 1%. So that might help avoid a furlough. 480 phase I lines this month. Back to an R5 in August after accidentally getting a floating reserve line last month. Noon callout for August vs 430AM that I was on in July. YUCK.

6/3/08 July bid pack. 544 out of 624. 87.2 percentile. Every little bit helps.
5/2/08. June bid package. 554 out of 630. 87.9 percentile. So it took 6 months to get back to the same relative seniority level. If I didn't have so much time off that'd be an issue, but, it's been like a paid vacation. I don't expect that to continue, but seniority appears to be moving well again. Got an R5 line for June again.

4/08 (May bid package) 577 out of 651. 88.6th percentile.

3/03/08: 598 out of 682. 87.6th percentile. Last month 90.3th percentile. 500 lines this month, 474 last month. So I move down numerically, but up percentage-wise.

Lines essentially unchanged manning-wise; 500 vs 474, so more lines and more people equaled a very slight decrease in seniority in that respect. Nearly numerically insignificant, compared to the power of the FORCE!

(Remember that part in Star Wars....that was awesome.)

2/03/08: 563 out of 640. Well, more transfers in but looks like reserves got even fatter. I didn't think that was possible.

1/08/08 : 561 out of 623. Slipped a few, but got a few more under me. People still transferring in. R6 line for Feb with 6 of 9 weekend days off. The better of the two R6 lines.

12/17/07: I got an R6 line for January which is a 5pm to 8am phone availability time. I'm thinking it means I won't get called much. I certainly haven't flown much on R4/R5. 95 hrs since the beginning of October, and that has been in an effort to get me my 100 hrs of consolidation time. I heard that not as much time was dropped in the line improvement window from lineholders, so they only built 61 relief lines. I was bid seniority 72 or 73 and got my 63rd choice, the R6 line. They only have that certain months, and only have two R6 lines, so it should be interesting to see what they do with me. The other guy to get an R6 was pretty senior, so I guess he knows something I don't. The question is: what?

As of 11/29/07:
559 out of 620. Notice I'm still only 61 from the bottom? We haven't hired much and people are coming from other bases. Still, 19 spaces closer to holding a line. Lowest # of FOs in IAH since September. 485 lines. I should get a relief line or perhaps pick an R5 or R4 with weekends off. December had 78 relief lines.

As of 11/8/07:
578 out of 627 per Ad Opt for the December bid. Hey, 4 spots might make a difference. Probably won't get a line, but I might get a relief line or a 12 hour callout time vs. a 2 hr.

As of 11/2/07:
582 out of 629. 459 lines, so that's out, but a relief line or long call reserve could be in play. I'm 30 spots out of definitely getting one of the two judging by last month. By the numbers I shouldn't hold an R5 either but some folks won't bid, some forget, etc. 2 more lines than last month. Fewer bidders this month I think. Mil leave, Christmas Vacation, etc.

As of 10/15/2007:
604 out of 663 in IAH. There are people moving in to base from EWR and CLE, so you can actually move down. With that said, I'll take a move up of any sort while that's going on. More people under you also helps you not get called out on reserve unless you want to be.

As of 9/24/07:
606 out of 649 in IAH. Not bad with a hire date of 11 Jun 2007. 93rd percentile.

I'll try and keep this up for my use and those of you who predict future movement based on past performance. I've got some stock tips for you. :)

I didn't do much from August thru Oct due to a conflux of XJT's check airman shortage, and my military duty in Oct. So, I start IOE finally on the 9th. I hope can identify an airplane 9 out of 10 times.
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