Tuesday, January 18, 2011

T-Mobile Awesome Plan

AWESOME plan, last day for it is today.

We just switched to T-Mobile after being with Sprint a few weeks.

$149 for two lines, 3000 minutes, unlimited data, text, nights, weekends, 2 lines. Additional lines $5, $30 to add unlimited data to those lines, each line.


If you go to a store, they might cut a deal. We got two mytouch 4g phones, a Blackberry of some sort (don't care, plan on selling it), and it was $140 with tax BEFORE the two $50 gift cards we are getting back. And they waived the activation fees.

This blew away Sprint's phone pricing, at a much better plan. I was also attracted to T-Mobile's feature that lets you use any Wifi network to make calls, send text, etc. using your phone plan minutes. Effectively extending T-Mobile's coverage to WiFi ANYWHERE, even internationally.

We also got a 15% company discount per month, so check to see if who you work for gets that offer.
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