Saturday, October 04, 2008

Outlook 2002 Reactivation Fails

It complains that I need to reactivate because my machine is too different basically. True, it used to be on my HP ZE4100 but I used Parallels to move that install to my Macbook. My wife owns that piece of kit, as the Brits might say.

You cannot apparently use a different OEM CD to reactivate it. The file (OUTRET.MSI) that it asks for on the CD is named the same but something is different because you cannot repair or reactivate it in any fashion that I could find.

Unlike Vista, you cannot get help over the phone either; there is no option to do so.

This situation arrives if say, you sell a Windows Mobile PDA and your Outlook 2002 CD that came with it, and perhaps, move your install to another machine later.

Thanks as always to Microsoft, for which the end solution is to reinstall product X. Hope it's not your OS.

I just copied my .PST files, uninstalled it, reinstalled it, did updates, and then imported the .PST files.


Then I dumpd the POS and moved all my contacts to my iPhone.

Now, I install iTunes in Parallels, sync with that, then sync with iTunes on the Mac. I'll still keep Outlooks sync'd too probably, in case I go back. It's sort of an experiment to see if I can live with the iPhone. Mine is a used 2G (1st generation) so at least my data plan costs the same.

Is it worth $10 a month for 3g and GPS? Dunno. We'll see I guess.

Update: The first generation iPhone I have has really weak WiFi reception compared to my wifes. To the Apple Store, Robin!

Every OS Sucks

This song is too true. I'm reminded of it when I work on my PC/Mac/iPhone/Windows Mobile device. "Every OS sucks...and the same time!"

Friday, October 03, 2008

Google Top 100 Search Terms

Here's the just now cut n pasted top 100 Google search terms. I bet if I pasted these into a post every day, I'd get a lot more hits. But I ain't no punk.

This being the internet, porn takes the #1 spot. Again.

I will now attempt the ultimate blog post. Difficulty of 10.

Anyone seen that porn video with Jenny Rivera and Usher narrated by the famous American, James Earl Jones? It's called "Trading Places: A Flow Chart". It's set in Beverly Hills and tells the story of Carol 'Mel' Watts, a bluegrass singer who snowboards as a hobby with her chihuahua.

Sarah Palin said could hardly believe it, and strictly speaking, she'd rather watch an endless tape of Rosie O'Donnell . This was during her press conference on the HR 1424 bailout bill details.

I nailed the landing!

Who's going to write the first script for pulling Google search terms into a madlib?

1. video porno de jenny rivera
2. usher trading places video
3. james earl jones
4. american carol
5. sarah palin debate flow chart
6. brp can am spyder
7. chelcie ross
8. shemar moore
9. mel watts
10. hardly strictly bluegrass
11. bailout bill details
12. burton snowboards
13. beverly hills chihuahua
14. lawrence phillips
15. hr 1424
16. fossett secret project
17. kyle brandt
18. palin wink
19. homemade halloween costumes
20. micoley and company
21. howard stern wedding
22. addie polk
23. elite xc
24. zeitgeist addendum
25. jenny rivera sex tape
26. topsfield fair
27. nate miles
28. uss grunion
29. miramar air show
30. zeitgeist 2
31. tom petters
32. rosie o donnell
33. bobby valentine
34. mental health parity
35. h.r. 1424
36. nick and norah s infinite playlist
37. deliberative
38. farrah johnson
39. letter to my daughter
40. shemar moore official website
41. nick reynolds
42. house passes bailout
43. american royal bbq
44. helio castroneves
45. maya angelou
46. senate bailout bill text
47. naked girl snowboards
48. bailout pork
49. tempe oktoberfest
50. house vote on bailout bill
51. deep flight challenger
52. bailout earmarks
53. cmt
54. biden lies
55. gamer grub
56. trading places site
57. shaun livingston
58. jose francisco torres
59. naughty beach walkthrough
60. the ex list
61. ci host
62. kingston trio
63. haunted houses
64. nailin palin
65. bail out bill 2008
66. harriet christian
67. fells point festival
68. kat dennings
69. oktoberfest san francisco
70. palin tax returns
71. vp debate transcript
72. riverfest wilmington nc
73. adennak
74. steve jobs heart attack
75. age of chivalry
76. buy the rumor sell the news
77. naughty snowboards
78. bill o reilly barney frank
79. the office season 5 episode 2
80. chris marinelli
81. busy phillips
82. mensa for kids
83. bayfest
85. blindness
86. hr 6867
87. bluegrass festival san francisco
88. burton love
89. portland marathon
90. schadenfreude definition
91. army ten miler
92. atlanta greek festival
93. wells fargo wachovia
94. house bail out vote
95. dixie classic fair
96. michelle waterson
97. uss grunion ss 216
98. economic rescue bill
99. salt caves
100. bill passed

Commission Junction is Shady, IRHO (In Rob's Humble Opinion)

I was going to add some affiliate links (you click, I get paid) for, whom I really like. My family are repeat customers for them.


Their affiliate program is through Commission Junctiom,, who IMHO steal from smaller publishers like yours truly.

What happens is that they will deactivate your account if you do not sell enough, have enough clicks, etc.

So, whatever small amount you earn disappears. They will not reactivate. If you want a new account, you have to have a new email. Which they are happy to give. And if that doesn't do well, deactivation.

Google and Amazon don't do this. Which is why we use them.

But then, they're good companies.


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Movie Buddy

My purry movie buddy, because I was never much good at gadgets like him.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Palin vs. other Politicians: A brief thought in passing

Would it really be so bad to have someone in the White House who strikes me as an average person?

Someone who's not a millionaire, male, white, D.C. insider, etc etc?

It's not like she's running the whole show and with the current economic meltdown and the war in Iraq (let's not forget Afghanistan, the Iraq war's little brother) could she do a worse job?

I mean no offense to Palin, but I could stand a little 'average American' if this is what the opposite gets you.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's still Vancouver

Today we went to the neighborhood around the hotel. Lots of Asian influence, almost exclusively. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a sushi bar or oriental restaurant.

We had mango tea with coconut jelly, sushi, inari, teriyaki and of course for my difficult daughter: mac and cheese.

It *was* made by an oriental lady; does that count?

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