Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cool Photo

Some gibberish about new fangled digital cams deleted. The Rob just knows it's a cool, if Photoshop-style enchanced, pic.

Linky to fullsized version.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

TSA Ground School Well Underway

We had our Indoc test on Thursday, and yours truly passed with a 97. One silly mistake on my part, and I forget the other two. Let's hope the difficulty doesn't ramp too much. Supposed to have some sort of oral limitations/memory item deal tomorrow...

The ice storm here left us WITH power and some slight tree damage. No worries.

I am waiting on the AT&T DSL to get hooked up on Wednesday. I have to sit next to the window to borrow the neighbor's wifi for now. When the DSL gets hooked up, I'll have pics.

Oh by the way, AT&T's DSL? SIX days to get hooked up. Real high tech folks. Evidently the tech HAS to come out for some reason. But it's cheap, $19.95 for 1.5Mbit down and I forget the up.
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