Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fix for Spinrite Stuck on "Selecting Drive For Use" Screen

Couple things I did and it now works like a champ.

1. Go into your BIOS and select AHCI as the controller mode. You'll have to consult your manual for  how to do this because there are so many different ones.
2. Plug your SATA drive into SATA1. I had it on 3 or 4, I forget which. Spinrite would recognize and benchmark it but scans etc. failed to start. This may be more important than #1, but try both.

It will look at first like it's not working but give it a while, I'd say 30 secs at least. The drive light will go off and on a few times then it will start scanning.

I am using Spinrite 6 booted from a USB DVD drive but that probably doesn't make any difference.

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