Saturday, January 28, 2017

2009 C6 Corvette Rims on 1988 C4

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional so if this causes any harm to ANYTHING it's your responsibility.

I put some 2009 C6 Corvette rims on my 1988 C4.

Here is how it turned out:

The front rims are 18" and the rear is 19".

The front requires no modification, you can see the differences in the stock 17" C4 sawblades and the stock C6 rims here:

You lose some width in the front, and the back isn't that much bigger but you need to change the offset.

The offset calculator I used showed I lost 29mm of offset, so I added 30mm spacers:

I got "Adapter - Hub & Wheel Centric Corvette, 5x4.75 70.3 12mm1.5 Studs/nuts 30mm thick"


The spacers bolt right on with no stud modification.

Torque setting from the 1988 C4 book is 80 ft-lbs and you use that on the spacer and new rims. You should retorque after 5 miles, and then after you retorque the spacer, drive ANOTHER 5 miles and retorque the rims.

So that involves taking the rims off an extra time, but the second time checking the torque just takes a few minutes.

Of course, read all directions appropriate to your application from all relevant parties.

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