Friday, August 17, 2007

'Sweet Victory'

If you watch one Youtube video on a blog this summer, this should be it! You MUST watch until the hilarious ending, trust me. the rest is pretty dang funny too. And I'm not biased here.

Watch the video they are dancing to sync'd and inset with the main video. They imitate what the characters are doing on the show. Comedy Gold.

The kids and the dog dance on the bed to the 'Band Geeks' Spongebob Squarepants episode while being secretly taped.

Sweet Victory indeed.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Missouri City Power Sucks

I've had all sorts of weird computer problems, and the power here blinks A LOT. Yesterday it did to because the alarm clock was flashing 12:00 at one point.

The A/C guy who came out says he's replaced a lot of circuit boards and parts on home air conditioning units since they de-regulated the power here. Great. Cheaper ain't always better. (*Cough* PC vs. *Cough* Apple)

BUY A UPS. (Uninterruptible power supply.) My Dell 4550 PC will run off a 325VA with a monitor off it for a while, at least through the blips. 325VA is a rating, higher is better. 300VA is about the smallest you can buy. Conext has the 325VA ones for $24.99 at Fry's. Cheap. A good surge strip will cost you a third of that, and the UPS has two outlets with battery backup, and two with just surge protection.

My 1.8Ghz Dual G5 will not run off this size of UPS. You need to be able to run a monitor and a PC off it so you can shut down safely.

You should also plug anything that accesses data like a network storage device, game systems, etc. IMHO.

The Wii, Xbox, and Dreamcast are plugged into one. The TV is not, but that would take a large one.

Get one today!! (As I typed that, I heard thunder.)

If you don't have a Fry's, there's a little better one at for a few bucks more.

Art Class

Today we had art class from one of those 'learn to draw' books. Click the pic for a large version.

Guess which one's mine! (Psst: It's the one in the middle.)

Aaron did not participate. He was awarded a prize for non-participants, commonly referred to as 'diddly', mathematically expressed as:


Monday, August 13, 2007

Strange Craigslist Giveaways

This one
goes to 7 or so on the Weirdometer:

"I have a brand new unopened box of sesame chicken eggrolls I bought 2 boxes at Sams and my husband dosent care for them he likes the pork eggrolls. Long story short Sams dosent exchange so If anyone wants them come get em I dont want them to go to waste. Thanks."

'Ma'm, I was calling about the free eggrolls?....' . Imagine the possibilities: Crazy catlady, hyper 4'0" oriental grandmother, dangling cigarette ex-Barbie, who knows?

Also note the "long story short" comment. I mean, how much more can there be? Was some sort of restraining order or revocation of a Sam's Club membership involved?

The mind boggles.

Hot on the heels of that one is this gem.
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