Monday, August 13, 2007

Strange Craigslist Giveaways

This one
goes to 7 or so on the Weirdometer:

"I have a brand new unopened box of sesame chicken eggrolls I bought 2 boxes at Sams and my husband dosent care for them he likes the pork eggrolls. Long story short Sams dosent exchange so If anyone wants them come get em I dont want them to go to waste. Thanks."

'Ma'm, I was calling about the free eggrolls?....' . Imagine the possibilities: Crazy catlady, hyper 4'0" oriental grandmother, dangling cigarette ex-Barbie, who knows?

Also note the "long story short" comment. I mean, how much more can there be? Was some sort of restraining order or revocation of a Sam's Club membership involved?

The mind boggles.

Hot on the heels of that one is this gem.

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