Saturday, June 02, 2007

Last TSA flight

Last flight flown for TSA today. Dulles to St. Louis. At least it was a long leg. The flight attendant had everyone say what a great landing it was. Not true as it was a bit of a dunk, and we flew threw rain and showers on short final. It was terribly patronizing of all the pax; but cool. I'll miss the people like that at TSA.

I start at Expressjet on Jun 11. The branded flying sounds good.

Prices appear to be pretty good. For example a ticket today, round trip from San Antonio to Oklahoma City was $166 going, $118 coming for a total of $284.

Not bad for last minute. Price drops to $74 a leg if you wait two weeks.

" ...ExpressJet offers premium in-flight service including upgraded entertainment with more than 100 channels of free XM(R) Satellite Radio, complimentary, recognized name-brand snacks, with full-service meal options on longer flights, and redesigned, memory foam leather seating."

Word on the street is $1 beer, free headset for the XM Radio, and you can even buy a meatball sub onboard.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Waste of Time

But this episode is like a bowl of fruit loops. I'm not sure who is most crazy, the skateboarder who wants to time travel, the inventor of the time machine, or the nut in Montreal who is supposed to help them to get the machine to work.

How'd I get involved in this show? Damn TiVo. I just had to see what these idiots (actually, Big has a lot more sense than the skateboarder-surprise) were up to.

Just the footage of a 416lb guy in a 70's fro wig stomping on a 'time machine' near the end is worth the 'trip'. That bit's hilarious.


Rob and Big.

24 Hrs of Fedex

We've posted this before but its still cool, and now on Youtube. So, click the link or watch it now. The link is a little clearer as it's WMV.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Q: What do you get when you cross a navigator with a pilot?

A: Bad landings at the wrong airport.
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