Saturday, June 02, 2007

Last TSA flight

Last flight flown for TSA today. Dulles to St. Louis. At least it was a long leg. The flight attendant had everyone say what a great landing it was. Not true as it was a bit of a dunk, and we flew threw rain and showers on short final. It was terribly patronizing of all the pax; but cool. I'll miss the people like that at TSA.

I start at Expressjet on Jun 11. The branded flying sounds good.

Prices appear to be pretty good. For example a ticket today, round trip from San Antonio to Oklahoma City was $166 going, $118 coming for a total of $284.

Not bad for last minute. Price drops to $74 a leg if you wait two weeks.

" ...ExpressJet offers premium in-flight service including upgraded entertainment with more than 100 channels of free XM(R) Satellite Radio, complimentary, recognized name-brand snacks, with full-service meal options on longer flights, and redesigned, memory foam leather seating."

Word on the street is $1 beer, free headset for the XM Radio, and you can even buy a meatball sub onboard.

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