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If nautical nonsense be somethin' ya wish...

No Pets


Monumentally Epic

Mr. Vocabulary

Worst Day EVER

Aaron and the Blessing

Hilarius or Disturbing

The McFly 2015 Project

It's not Christmas yet!

What says Christmas

What a Crock

Roomba Deals!

Advice for Airline Passengers


Macbook Grinding Noise If moved While Disc Spinning

We Gots Forums

New Google Maps Mobile: Find your location (sort of) without a GPS

Apple Pro Keyboard and Nintendo Wii

Expressjet Crew Room

Pi.. Poor Parking Award

Chicago Trip Notes

Cupcake Cafe in Sugarland



Embraer 145 / Expressjet Seating Advice

When Democracy is Inconvenient


Genie Excelerator / GIFTD-1BL Garage opener issues

Haunted Golf Course Ride!

Happy Halloween!

For you Asimov fans

BatteryMinder: does it really work?

You haven't seen it all

Gelato ebike update #1

XJT Bidding

Saying of the Day

New Monkey on my Back

IOE's Done

Periwinkle blue

Gelato Ebike Trips



Pet peeve of the day

Gelato Bike Thoughts

The Gelato E bike electric Bicycle is here!

Ice is Cold!

Phrases I shall try not to Use


For the little prizefghter in your child

Ok, the whole God thing

General Tso's Chicken McNuggets

Airliner Games

Child Labor in America

Prior art

Test 2


Where's Rob and What's Up?

Dying to Play

2 lb block of Dry Ice plus Airplane Lavatory = Bad

Your Daily Piece of Excel Code

Candy Theme: Money

Grandy's Cooks (Everything)

Commuting Sucks!

I don't know exactly how to say this, but I'm kind of a big deal

NASA (National Aaron Space Administration)

iDVD 4.0.1 and Dual G5 1.8GHZ Hang

XP Install = Jenga


'Sweet Victory'

Missouri City Power Sucks

Art Class

Strange Craigslist Giveaways

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Wii Easter Egg


Dr. Bullock Outlines his Plans

Aaron's Time Machine

M-16 Super Nintendo Trainer M.A.C.S.

Slow News Day

ExpressJet PC (checkride) Passed!

9800 Pro PC Version flashed to Mac

Techtool Pro 4.5.3 Issues

Suburban Soccer Mom

Years Later Review #1

Macupdate Promo Techtool Pro for $49, and more

'Burn Notice' on USA Networks

XJT Oral Passed

And now for Something Completely Different

Found Icons

Dell Customer Service and Tech Support; Buy a Mac

I Like Games

Starcraft II

Macbook Screen Cleaning Missouri City Speed test