Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Aaron's Time Machine

Aaron had a broken rocket tail fin with 2 fins of the four broken off. I said to keep it for building some sort of machine. He decided he'd build a time machine. I also gave him some battery powered mini Christmas lights.

Quotable quotes:

In reference to the blinking Christmas lights: "Oh yeah! Everyone time machine has that!"

"We need something to make a portal out of!"
"Mama, don't turn this off or it will make the port stop spinning and we might be trapped in an age!"

I told Aaron to watch out for the time cops, because it would be an unlicensed time machine. "There's no such thing as time cops!"

He also needed some 'electricity to hook it up with'.

The CD he put in the broken portable DVD player was the 'time DVD'.

I told him he needed to test it with the cat in case he had a polarity wrong and it turned him inside out. "We can't do that to a pet! Let's put mommy or sissy in it!"

And they say TV rots your brain cells.

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