Saturday, November 25, 2006

Shake those tailfeathers!

My daughter. I love her, but I will probably use this in a compilation CD to share with her future boyfriends. Embarrassing payback after the click.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Ah, the bandwidth is clean today!

Everyone's out of town, the bandwidth is clean, and the market is up.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mac Tweak

The G4 Macs are getting REALLY cheap. I got one with dual 450mhz (overclocked to 500mhz by me) processors, 320M RAM, two video cards, and the better SCSI card for $200. That's pretty far below what they go on eBay.

So of course I moved all the good parts from my single 500Mhz G4. :) It's for sale cheap. I'd be ok with $125. All you need is a mouse and for that I like the Microsoft Optical wheel mouse. Works great with the Mac, no drivers required.

So anyway, thirsty for even more speed, today I overclocked the video card (Geforce II). 12% faster core speed, 14% memory speed seems stable. Might try to squeeze a bit more from the core. Also updated to a later ROM.

Tip: My initial speed of 215mhz RAM speed was too high. Disconnecting the video monitor cable made the card drop to it's lowest res, and allowed me to go long enought without a kernel panic to reflash the lower speed. I'm guessing the lower res didn't push the memory as hard. I'm at 225 core, 210 RAM if you're interested.

In the G4 towers, the cards have a huge 5" or so fan blowing on them, so they stay nice and cool.

So, if you've wanted to try a Mac, they're CHEAP with the new Intel stuff out there, and I use it more often than my newer 2.53Ghz PC. Mac has 1024 RAM, the PC 768, and the Mac is so much faster except the video speed, hence the overclock. A little bit snappier now.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Cleaning up

You find the *COOLEST* stuff cleaning up. At least you do at my house.

"But I can't see with the blast shield down!"


That's right, Oklahoma City has sent us packing. We're moving to Houston in about a month.
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