Friday, December 07, 2018

Getting a 'Restored' Powermac 6100 up and connected.

SCSI2SD / PowerMac 6100 / 68k Mac Notes (This one's gonna be a long and winding one.)

Got a 0000000R 00000069 sad mac on booting OS 9.1 install CD on your Powermac 6100? Starting from CD gave this error message on mine.

It's a 'Not for Resale' copy but I think it's the same as retail. I think this is because OS 9 requires 32MB memory and I only had 10MB. After I upgraded with 2x64MB sticks, for a total of 136MB RAM, it would then boot from CD.

It's silly but you can't run the installer from within anything less than OS 8 I believe, so you must boot from the CD THEN run the installer.

It's still a slow machine on 7.5.5...but it's 24 years old which is like a few hundred in computer years.

Misc notes:
Don't be a numbskull and use System Picker to choose 6.0.8 and then try to boot a Powermac 6100. Too old. It requires at least system 7, like 7.0.2 but you can Google the minimum. :)

If you make a second SCSI drive on the SCSI2SD over 1GB IIRC, it won't be seen by 68K macs that I've got, up to the Classic. Powermac 6100 sees it fine.

No video on Powermac 6100: no PRAM battery or battery dead. Power it on, off, then on quickly.
Get a new battery on Amazon: This SHOULD be it. I ordered, waiting on it.

Disk Copy won't use an external USB to make copies. It has to sense the inject of the floppy it's writing. Beige G3, Mac OS 9.2.2. Or at least, it didn't work with mine. Interesting note: writing a floppy successfully then reading it back in produces a different checksum than the original image. Observed 3 times in a row on different floppies. Interesting philosophy.

Netpresenz Notes (NP for short):
I downloaded Netpresenz which runs on Mac OS 7/8/9. "NetPresenz is a Classic Macintosh implementation of the WWW, Gopher and FTP server protocols. It is compatible with most web browsers and FTP clients. It allows your Mac to act as an FTP server so you (and others) can access your files from anywhere around the world. You can also host a web site directly from your computer."

I got it working with Cyberduck so I can just drop files to the 6100...some transfers fail but beats floppies and CDs...

If you get a -3205 Error on Netpresenz "Failed to Startup" it's because you don't have a network connection. I got it when my network switch freaked out and lit up all the ports. Power cycling fixed it but I chased this one a long time before I noticed all the lights were lit on the switch.

I had an OS 8.6 install from a G3 on Ebay that didn't work well with NP. 9.1 fresh and 9.2.2 fresh installs on 6100 and G3 worked pretty well.

Need a SCSI2SD? I got the 5.1 which works pretty well and it's a good bit faster than a hard drive.

Yeah, they're long links but we get a referral commission so please use them so I can keep blogging about the toys I buy.

Click here to search ebay for SCSI2SD:

You'll want more RAM for your 6100 so Ebay time:

Get 2 sticks of 64MB RAM. I got a set for $14 shipped. Might as well max it out. This will give you 136MB total. Note: nothing I've seen says 128mb SIMMs will work. Two reputable places (one selling them) say it won't so don't get overambitious.

Why am I messing with a 6100? It has Localtalk and AAUI so it can have Ethernet as well. So it can bridge my Mac Pro and Classic Macs. Also it has the Superdrive floppy, so I can work with older floppies. It can run 7.5.5

So you'll need an AAUI Adapter to connect to Ethernet:

Here's something that's handy: a USB floppy. It STILL WORKS on my Mac Pro running High Sierra, and the 6100 can format PS disks under 7.5.5

So hit Ebay for a VST one since they have cool 90's iMac colors:

Note: Sometimes you have to unplug and replug it to get it to recognize a floppy (and you should still use the eject button on the Finder first) but it's still a handy piece of tech that overlaps 1994 and 2018.

I have the graphite one but if grape's your thing, do that.

Misc 6100 Issues:

HAHA! The second SIMM was ANOTHER ROM. It had TWO in it. Someone didn't know what they were doing! So instead of an L2 caches and a ROM it had two ROMs. Check that if your machine feels slow.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

$5 Vouchers Free on Ebay: I didn't know this!

I didn't know you could report an item as late arriving and Ebay will give you free money.

It's about THREE CLICKS and it showed up instantly.

They're good for 30 days.

Full text and how to get it is on Ebay's site here:

Now to scroll through my purchases and see what else didn't arrive on time....:)

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