Saturday, September 14, 2019

Amiga 1000 Resurrection Rebuild

Bought an Amiga 1000 (because I always wanted one) for relatively cheap on Ebay and it said 'It Runs'.

Yeah, right.

The power supply fan runs. Short story: no 12V output due to a bad 3122V.

No video or anything yet, 3122V on order.

Went ahead and replaced about half the electrolytics on the power supply with what I had.

All other voltages present and looked ok or close enough to work. IIRC -12V was 10.something.

Of course, it had really been parted out because the seller was an idiot.

Missing floppy, missing floppy cable, missing floppy mount...smelled a bit like cigarette smoke.


Power supply repair completed with 3122V. All voltages slightly above the rating so they should be good under load but I haven't checked yet.

It does boot to a white screen and I get the boot tones.


After a brief run, started getting a Cyan (blue?) screen which means either the WCS RAM (Where the Amiga 1000 loads Kickstart floppy to) or one of the custom chips. Only the 1000 gives a cyan for WCS. Blue is for all Amigas IIRC.

So, I removed all the custom chips and cleaned the legs with 91% rubbing alcohol and gave the sockets a swipe and a canned air cleaning.

Found a weak leg (partially cracked) on the middle custom chip and so I solder coated it. Gold pins and aluminum cheap sockets don't do well over time. Dissimilar metal issues IMHO.

So now its running. Got Amiga Explorer Running. Copied it to an ADF.

Expect a video on that and how to get it up because the instructions aren't entirely clear.

Video forthcoming on the PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard adapters I got.

RAM connector was gross. Clean yours. I swapped some gross looking spots here and there.

Next: Amiga diagnostics.

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