Saturday, September 14, 2019

Amiga 1000 Resurrection Rebuild

Bought an Amiga 1000 (because I always wanted one) for relatively cheap on Ebay and it said 'It Runs'.

Yeah, right.

The power supply fan runs. Short story: no 12V output due to a bad 3122V.

No video or anything yet, 3122V on order.

Went ahead and replaced about half the electrolytics on the power supply with what I had.

All other voltages present and looked ok or close enough to work. IIRC -12V was 10.something.

Of course, it had really been parted out because the seller was an idiot.

Missing floppy, missing floppy cable, missing floppy mount...smelled a bit like cigarette smoke.


Power supply repair completed with 3122V. All voltages slightly above the rating so they should be good under load but I haven't checked yet.

It does boot to a white screen and I get the boot tones.

I modded a Panasonic JU-256A227P floppy drive according to the instructions I found for a JU-257A607P so we'll see on that.

Need a keyboard first to boot at all.

I accidentally lifted the trace above the pin so I just solder globbed the lifted trace to the pin. Really need some fine Kapton wire for this sort of stuff...below is the original instruction photo.

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