Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That's a real TV show?

Perhaps we'll make this a new segment. This sounds more like a Lonely Island or SNL TV skit: Courtney Cox is in a new ABC series called 'Cougar Town'.


I think I like the idea better AS a Saturday Night Live thing.

Here are some TV shows. Some are made up, some are real. You choose!

1. Prison Fake (Get it? Like 'Prison Break'): Real people are agree to do a reality show but are made victims of a fake crime/trial and sent to a fake prison. The inmates are all actors. Jailarity ensues!
2. Dance Your A$% Off: A contest exploiting overweight people.
3. More to Love: 'The Bachelor' but the guy is overweight. (Seeing a trend here?)
4. That's not Fake: a TV show debunking fake web video
5: Speed Builders: 2 amateur couples compete each week to remodel, construct, etc. a house or room to specifications. The winner gets a home and/or room makeover.
6: My Monkey Baby: Couples Treat Adopted Monkeys as Children‎.

Answers to be given in the forums. (Heck the ones I made up might be real. Some of them sound pretty good!) What sad, is I will tell you at least half of them are real.

What I found on my Bike Ride

Bagel? Fungus? Bagelfungus? A viral ad for the Fungus Bagel association? I assure you, the product placement was not done by me. The stories that bagel could tell...
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