Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Captain Likes Lt. Blender's Sugar Free Margarita in a Bag

I *REALLY* liked this. It's low calorie except whatever you add and its VERY good.

You add your stuff, freeze it, crush it up and then squeeze it into a cup or your mouth I suppose.

9 calories a serving! It's a bit hard to believe it's sugar free.

Death Look

My son and I were 'karate fighting' in one of our semi-weekly MMA-style fake fights, and I told him that I could kill him without even looking at him.

So I turned slightly away and gave him one of these.

On cue, he mutters a small 'ack!' and falls over flat backwards onto his bed. I love that kid.

Monday, November 29, 2010

P90X: A better use of your time than the gym and walking

I know it's two back to back posts on the same topic, but I'm still gonna do it. I'll make it quick.

I see people walking, which is fine, but I also note that they appear fit enough to be doing something more strenuous that will get you serious results in about an hour a day. (In theory, skipping the Ab Ripper portion of the videos.)

The other point I'd like to make is this: how much money and time could you save just by using P90X in your home for better than gym results, and how much more would you exercise if it were in your house?

My theory being, wander upstairs or to another room, put in the DVDs and go.

I have been getting good results with the red band, 10 and 25 lb weights, an overhead pullup bar (freestanding that I got second hand for $25), and some pushup bars. That's it. We're talking maybe $200 worth of gear.

How much is the mileage on your car, gym membership, lost time during the drive, with perhaps lesser results worth to you?
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