Friday, September 28, 2007

Airliner Games

Games to play on an airliner:

Who's got the biggest carryon.
How fast can I jump up in the aisle and stand there motionless after the captain turns off the seatbelt sign.
Guess the stank.
What's this button do?
Pretend you know about aviation and/or flying

Child Labor in America

Here's a thought:

When your child builds their own toy at Build-a-Bear and the like, isn't that child labor? And if it is, shouldn't they get an employee discount?


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Prior art

No one makes a Mini DVI to DVI-I adapter for the Macbook. Apple makes a DVI-D cable. I'm looking into having some made, so if anyone knows a low volume manufacturer let me know, or if you want one let me know.

Also, don't steal my idea. Or send me some royalties. :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Test 2

To see if pics come thru...and dreams come true...


Test of the posting thru email link. You know, for kids.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Where's Rob and What's Up?

Not doing much. I'm pulling my annual tour for the USAF Reserves.

Here's another list of what people are looking for when they turn up at theroblog:

Looks like we've got first class postage licked. OH YEAH! That's a good one. Hee Hee. Hey, Carlton Keen, you out there? (A little something for the search engines. He'll appreciate it if he washes up here amongst the other digital flotsam and jetsam.) Nothing weird on this list like the list from Aug 30.

Some rambling thoughts:

What is UP with the long lead times to see the next season for TV shows? Burn Notice is an excellent show, but, next season just ended a few days ago and it's a wait until NEXT SUMMER to view it. Whaaaaa....?

Dr. Who (the current episodes on the BBC) have a ridiculously long hiatus as well. First the Canadian dollar exceeds the U.S. dollar (they're coming over to BUY OUR STUFF MAN) and now this. Have to check out the Sarah Jane Adventures to see if it's any good.

Listen to Club 977 under iTunes. Click the radio icon and then 70's/80's (man, why'd my music get lumped in with the 70's...) and Club 977 is at the bottom...

Hey, send me a donation for my next project: an electric vehicle. I'd be shocked if I got the $519 for an electric bike. It looks like a scooter, is street legal, and will got 25-30 miles at 25-30 miles an hour. Husbands: my wife told me I don't need one, but if 518 of you send me $1 I'll match your contribution and add the last $1. Let's make a statement! No more oil money, and honey, I'll spend my website scooter money any way I D@AMN WELL PLEASE! Yeah. That'll do it. Or send me roughly $31,999 for a Hyundai Tucson professionally converted to electric. It's that link over on the right.

Next post: Some interesting theological questions and theories! You'll come back to see that for one reason or another.
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