Wednesday, May 22, 2019

FIX: Virtual Box and FreeDOS 1.2 ISO Invalid Opcode errors when booting for install

Here's what the FreeDOS page says to do:

"When you boot the FreeDOS install CDROM, when you get the get the first "Welcome to FreeDOS 1.2" boot menu, press Tab when you're on "Install to harddisk" and add 'raw' (without quotes) to the kernel command line, then press Enter to boot.

From this:
KERNEL /boot/syslinux/memdisk

To this:
KERNEL /boot/syslinux/memdisk raw"

So all this means is push tab, type 'raw' (without quotes) and press Enter. 

But the command line looks like this when it pops up:

Pretty much nothing like what the FreeDOS site says, unless you're a linux geek. 

Which is why people still hate Linux.

Note: you will have to hit 'tab' and enter 'raw' at the end every time the VM reboots during the install such as after it partitions your virtual disk.

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Connecting Apple IIgs to your Mac Pro for File Sharing

Specifically this is just to clarify some settings for the LocalTalk Bridge 2.1 Control Panel. It works for me.

As you can see, AppleTalk is set to use Ethernet per the notes at

But it didn't say what to set as far as the Public/Private setting for the control panel.

My home Ethernet is so it's a private IP but since LocalTalk can't use TCP/IP on classic Macs and the IIgs (yet...more on that in a minute) I think it just really means 'can anyone use the bridge', so it's set to yes.

Other specs:
Beige G3 running Mac OS 9.2.2 natively, Localtalk over phonenet with terminators (Farallon but none of that really matters), Apple IIgs on GSOS 6.0.4.

I can see both my VirtualBox shares and the shares of my G3 on my IIgs. G3 is in the middle as the bridge of course. It's a good middle of the road machine for Classic work in the modern world as it still has most of the ports, IDE interfaces, SCSI, mine's got USB, it's got a floppy that can read and write at least 800K (although IIRC later OSes have issues with ProDOS). I usually just use HFS 800K if I have to.

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VirtualBox (VB) does not sense the active physical Ethernet port on my Mac Pro (cMP). I had to go to settings on VB to tell it Ethernet 1, Bridged Adapter after I had swapped the cable over when I was toying with some settings on my cMP.

IIgs doesn't see my folder share but it does allow me to access complete disks on the G3 by logging in as a registered user.

Bonus Tip:
I'm using Sheepshaver on my cMP to screen control the G3 via TimbukTu Pro 4.0.6 (TTP) under Mac OS 7.5.5 on Sheepshaver. It craps out on program start but then just init a new connection on TTP.

Also if you're using Sheepshaver, I had to uncheck 'Ignore Illegal Instructions' to get TTP going again. For some reason it just stopped working.

Don't you love vintage computing?

The LocalTalk bridge DOES NOT allow TCP/IP per:

"Except for the Farallon StarRouter, none of the bridge solutions allow use of TCP/IP, which means the oldest Macs can't access the internet.

Bridging my Apple IIgs TCP/IP in software will is a seperate blog post. 

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