Thursday, March 08, 2007


Whole Wheat Krispy Kreme. What am I supposed to feed the kids for dinner now?! Whole Wheat will never taste right with their Mountain Dew.

Monday, March 05, 2007

TSA Checkride PASSED!

Yup, I faked 'em out. Just made some smallish stupid mistakes, mostly on the visual approach, which I had never done.

Stick a fork in it! LOFT tomorrow, then hopefully about a week off before IOE.

Did the whole recheck in 45 mins!

The story of my life. I fail then I succeed. Really, I think at 36 my character has had as much building as it can stand. This time it IMHO wasn't because I wasn't working hard, unlike those Algebra and American History courses I flunked in High School.

Or those engineering courses I flunked in college.

The Score
High School and College: Rob being stupid.

Every military training event (Army Basic/AIT, Navy API, Air Force OTS and Nav School) and now TSA Initial hire: Rob just gutting it out.

The message you might guess, is:

Work hard, get help, don't quit.

I told my wife I might try medical school one day.
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