Monday, March 05, 2007

TSA Checkride PASSED!

Yup, I faked 'em out. Just made some smallish stupid mistakes, mostly on the visual approach, which I had never done.

Stick a fork in it! LOFT tomorrow, then hopefully about a week off before IOE.

Did the whole recheck in 45 mins!

The story of my life. I fail then I succeed. Really, I think at 36 my character has had as much building as it can stand. This time it IMHO wasn't because I wasn't working hard, unlike those Algebra and American History courses I flunked in High School.

Or those engineering courses I flunked in college.

The Score
High School and College: Rob being stupid.

Every military training event (Army Basic/AIT, Navy API, Air Force OTS and Nav School) and now TSA Initial hire: Rob just gutting it out.

The message you might guess, is:

Work hard, get help, don't quit.

I told my wife I might try medical school one day.


Jim Howard said...

Congradulations, don't let the naysayers on flightinfo bother you.

I'm always glad to see another nav do well, what did you fly in the Air Force?

Robert Bullock said...

I was on AWACS at Tinker from 1998 to 2004.

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