Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Dell Latitude 10 Essentials For Sale, some mini review elements

I bought a Dell Latitude 10 Certified Refurb I need to sell, because of course I decided on a higher end model after purchase. And of course I got a deal I can pass on instead of sending it back. I can send it back, or I can save you some serious cash.

This is an EXCELLENT tablet. Tablet interface OR the standard Windows 8 desktop.

This means all the new tablet goodies and all your regular Windows apps will work.

Quicken 2010? No problem. Chrome desktop Browser? Yup. You can even plug any standard keyboard and mouse, printer, hub, thumb drive, etc. into it with the normal sized USB port.

Dell sells it new for $579+ tax so about $620. I'm asking $400 for this one. That's around 36% off the new price for the same warranty, and it looks like new.

Look here, and it's the 'Essentials' model for $579:


It's the 64gig one.

You don't want the 32, you won't have much space unless you delete a bunch of stuff.

Of course I got the next higher model without the AT&T wireless built in because why?

AT&T is evil. And you can tether it via WiFi to your cell anyway. :)

I've had more Androids than I can remember, dallied with the iPad a bit, Nooks, Kindles, Asus Vivo Smart, Lenovo Lynx, and more. This is my favorite so far.

Trust me. I've tried them all, this is the best if you want to DO things with your tablet, and even play any light windows games.

If you're expecting to play Halo, probably best to look at the Surface Pro, but for most tasks, you'll love it.

Expect a more protracted review later.
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