Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tech Support Tip of The Day

You know all those nifty looking external hard drives you have for backing up your precious memories? (Or don't have, in which case I'll be seeing you sooner for a data recovery job.)

Most have one big problem: heat.

Many of those drives spin at 7,200 or 5,400 RPM on the mechanical side. Spinning a metal disk at that speed is going to take power, and that power's gonna generate heat.

Guess what heat does to electronics? Un-good things.

I have a Seagate myself that gets fairly warm. So here's your tips for keeping your backup drive working longer.

1. When in use, put it on one of those notebook coolers. (Click here for a post I made about those.) I have one I use for my backup drive or laptop, and one that keeps my router and ooma VoIP box cool.

2. When you're not using it, power it down and for bonus points unplug it.

Happy Data Management!
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