Wednesday, November 17, 2021

BTC-S37 Notes: Strange things are afoot. And misc info.

 1. The BTC-S37 PCIe power inputs are all tied. So, you CANNOT power the 'riser' (slot) from the same power supply as the card unless you use ONE power supply. Because you are not supposed to use a different power supply on the riser than you do with the GPU. 

One possible out I'm still exploring. Some server power supplies use a load sharing capability via a pin so that's a possibility but I have yet to see a breakout board with it, so it'd have to be a mod.

2. If you order a BTC-S37 you might get a 1037U CPU at 1.8 ghz or an 847 processor at 1.1ghz. It probably doesn't make a lot of difference, but perhaps a good seller will emerge that can source the better CPU. The 1037U is 2 years newer so and of course a little faster. I've ordered 2 boards from the same seller and gotten one of each. Grr: the Ebay ad said 1037U but the SECOND one had the OLDER CPU. I have my eye on a new seller that at least mentions you might get either.

3. One of my boards with the 1037U CPU apparently doesn't like the 6600XT. It locks with a gigabyte 6600XT, has the powercolor hellhound drop offline or detected dead all the time...but those GPUs work fine in the 847 CPU board. The 1037U mines all day long with Nvidia hodgepodge collection:

In this screenshot (click to expand) I just took the GPU offline. It'll sit there all day. And it was only drawing 52W on a 750W supply, I tried diff slots, etc. Probably just move some boards so it's all Nvidia. If I get bored (board bored?) I may try a 6700XT in it.

The main issue is the boards are the same revision and the socket is the same so I don't know how to tell the difference other than powering it on.


There's a green light that's 'power good' I think since it's always on. The one right above that is HDD activity. Barely able to see it unless there's a LOT of activity.

Hardware Resources:

Links are referral. I'll make a bit of cash for toys. mSATA to full sized SATA. So you can write the HiveOS drive in a PC. USB3 to SATA case Pick one. Use in conjunction with the mSATA to SATA so your Mac/PC sees it as a flash drive so BalenaEtcher etc. will write directly to the mSATA. This is how I do it. Open Air Frame that fits the BTC-S37. I have not moved my board to it but it went together pretty well. Stackable. And yes, I know this can be done cheaper but what's my time worth and how nice is the finished product? You judge. It's difficult to find a frame that isn't designed for riser use. Expect a video someday at I haven't wanted to take the rig offline to move it but...soon. 

I think this might also be useable as a small open air frame for GPU riser setups but just with a little less room as it's a muchlower height. Probably with an offset motherboard setup. Also it has fan mounts. 

Cons:: Some ATX boards don't have a mount point supposedly and you're supposed to use a rubber foot in that corner of the board. Doesn't matter for a BTC-S37.

Pros: Five 120mm fan mounts are on the frame for cooling. I bought 5 Antec fans for under $20 here here Notes on these fans: 30.5cfm, so not real fast but also silent. Mo.ex connectors. Blue LEDs IIRC are the cheapest and they come in packs of 3 so you could order two and have cool alternating colors. The molexes can be daisy chained.

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