Wednesday, July 04, 2012

P90X workouts on the Cheap!

Here's a little secret. There is a P90X app for $4.99

It has a mini video with all the moves, tracks your workouts online, has a diet journal and TONS more.

You get Ab Ripper X and a Fitness Test for the purchase price. You can buy other workouts within the App for $5 , all of them, or just a few. You decide.

It doesn't have as many tips and details as the DVD but it will let you try it out cheap, and will get you through sessions. It is really designed to work with the DVDs but it can stand alone too.

Here are the steps.

PLEASE do #1, otherwise I don't get credit and you won't be connected with me in the Team Beachbody online community.

1. Go to and click Join. Choose the free option.
2. Buy this app :
3. Use the same email and password from step #1 inside the app. Log in and it will track your workouts and enter you for cash / prize drawings so it's worth doing.

The App  comes with the Ab Workout and Fitness Test. If that's all you want, you're done. Otherwise, purchase more guided workouts within the app, or you can even buy the DVDs within the app.

I still prefer the DVDs, but these are a great way to do it a la carte or just try one or two things before buying the DVDs.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

8mm Analog Tape Art

I'm converting some old analog 8mm tapes to DVD before they die. I was smart enough at least at the time to buy some on MP tape but I digress.

Circa Nov-Dec 1993, they still put out a good pic in 2012.

I had to clean the tape heads a bit on this old TRV-350 I got on ebay, but as you know, that's one of the more desirable models for this work as it has Firewire passthrough and plays all 8mm formats: Hi8, 8mm, and 8mm digital.

But I found some inadvertent art on it: 11 frames as a scene cuts out had this as a frame.

Whether it was on the tape, or generated by the camcorder during transfer, I don't know. But, it's kind of neat. Maybe someone will make it into a poster with Max Headroom and send it to me.

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