Sunday, July 01, 2012

8mm Analog Tape Art

I'm converting some old analog 8mm tapes to DVD before they die. I was smart enough at least at the time to buy some on MP tape but I digress.

Circa Nov-Dec 1993, they still put out a good pic in 2012.

I had to clean the tape heads a bit on this old TRV-350 I got on ebay, but as you know, that's one of the more desirable models for this work as it has Firewire passthrough and plays all 8mm formats: Hi8, 8mm, and 8mm digital.

But I found some inadvertent art on it: 11 frames as a scene cuts out had this as a frame.

Whether it was on the tape, or generated by the camcorder during transfer, I don't know. But, it's kind of neat. Maybe someone will make it into a poster with Max Headroom and send it to me.

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