Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quick Review: Sun Crystals vs. Ideal sweeteners

Sun Crystals: Bitter. Blech. Do not want. Why did you do this?

Ideal: Yessss. Cool on the tongue, tastes great right out of the packet. Better aftertaste than sugar, if you can believe it. FTW.

"It is as sweet as sugar, but has 40% less calories. While a gram of sugar has 4 calories, a gram of granular xylitol has just 2.4 calories. Chemically speaking, xylitol is a 5-carbon sugar alcohol. Six-carbon sugars like fructose and glucose are absorbed quickly and stimulate insulin. Xylitol is absorbed more slowly, without stimulating insulin or increasing blood sugar. This makes it an ideal sweetener for diabetics, who need to keep blood sugar under control. And good news for teeth: The sugar-alcohol structure cannot be used by cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth. Finnish studies comparing use of xylitol-sweetened vs. sugar-sweetened chewing gum and tooth decay show dramatic reductions in cavities with xylitol gums. Even more interesting, xylitol appears to inhibit growth of bacteria that cause ear infections."

Neither of these is calorie free, they just use such a small serving size that they can say it has no calories. But, xylitol/Ideal = 40% less calories and tastes better than sugar, with the other benefits? Win.

3D Computer Games: Why don't we have this already?

This is from last year. This guy has invented cheap head tracking for the PC using a WiiMote and some infrared LED's.

Basically, what that means is the computer can track your head movement and make it appear as if your monitor is a window into a 3D world by adjusting what it displays based on how you move your head.

Just as if the view out of a window would change for you based on how close you were to it, how you moved your head, etc.

Just watch:

Now imagine combining this with some 3D glasses that made it appear that what you saw through the window were 'real' 3D objects?

Why don't I have this already?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

People of Wal Mart: All your mullet are belong to us

Click to zoom in on this kids legendary mullet. This was in a casino arcade room. A class above Wal Mart. It looks like that kid from 'Home Improvement'.

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