Thursday, August 30, 2012

OS X: It Just Works. When all your Hardware does

I got a computer from Gainsaver, a 2008 Mac Pro 8 core.

Toast was locking up, and Disk Utility was also, both with Spinning Beachball of Death problems. (SBBOD).

 Turns out it had some old junky drive and mounting bracket in it. NOT original equipment. NEC Drive from 2006, before this machine was even on the market.

Long story short, the drive was faulty. So it wouldn't spin up sometimes which made the programs which accessed it hang.

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A rant on Gainsaver:

The drive wasn't even screwed in tightly. The screws were about halfway out. "Gainsaver tests each computer thoroughly." That, I doubt. They didn't even dust this one out. The top of the optical drive was very dusty. That slides out literally in seconds. And surely someone would have noticed the bent carrier, and loose drive at that point. I presume this is why the prices are lower.

The kicker: instead of a small refund or swap of the carrier and drive, they wanted me to return the entire Mac Pro (55 pounds of it) to exchange it. I've already swapped in too many parts to want to undo it.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Got a new Computer and iTunes Can't Access Your Account?

Do you get "iTunes is unable to authorize your account information." or somesuch nonsense like error -1009? Can't make a purchase, deauthorize devices, etc?

In iTunes, visit the store, and take a look at your account information.

I had to put in my credit card security code and authorize my new computer, before I could deauthorize my old ones, make purchases, etc. That's it, it just wanted the security code.

It might help if iTunes told me so, vs. making me figure it out. That's so PC.

Apple, you're supposed to make it easy!
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