Saturday, October 09, 2010

Expressjet Bidding on a Mobile Phone: Android Firefox FTW

I can confirm that I was able to open the bid pack, and add to 'Bid Via Preferences'.

I can pull a employee report and sort it as well.

I have a Nexus one with Android 2.2.1. It ran fairly well on this device.

2.0+ is required. Or Maemo, but who owns one of those? Comment if you do.

There is a minor issue with changing which session you are looking at, as the screen isn't long enough sometimes so it isn't easy to size and select a different bid session.

I can not actually bid as of this writing as bidding is not open. But it appears that you probably can, as the website is functional, with some small issues on Firefox for Android.

It is Beta, so that's to be expected.

Still, major step forward.

Use the ZXing Android barcode app to scan this barcode to download it:

Or here's the link: (But do yourself a favor and get the Barcode app.)

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