Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bob Hoover

If this sort of thing ever gets old, you should find another passion, cuz it ain't flying.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Separated at Birth #4

Actors Steve Valentine from 'Crossing Jordan' and Richard E. Grant from a whole bunch of movies. They both have British accents even.

Monday, September 11, 2006

MU-2 Flying tonight

So, I'm supposed to fly with a guy on an MU-2 cargo run tonight, whom I've never met, in a plane I've never been in. Should be all sorts of interesting. So, you do what you do if what you do is what I do, you Google. (Don't you like the word usements I'm structuring today? -To paraphrase Steve Martin's character in L.A. Story. ) I digress on a regular basis. I need a new word for that. Anyway.

So I found a blog of a guy who flew MU-2's air ambulance. Good stories. Gems such as:

The second patient of the day was a lady who took a bunch of pills, went to bed and woke up with a broken leg. She was friendly (she rubbed my shaved head for good luck before we took off) but as far as I could see, she had never brushed her teeth in her life, which smells like a hot closet full of dead baby goats in case you were curious.

Does that smell anything like 'Sex Panther' cologne, by Odeon?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon but with plasma arcs

Ok, so you've heard of the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, right? So, can you do this with industrial processes? I want you to connect 'Plasma arc' and 'Tropicana juice plant'. Ok, here's the solution: (From Slashdot.)

Geoplasma is planning to build a power plant in St. Lucie County, Florida that will generate electricity by vaporizing landfill trash and sewage treatment plant sludge with plasma arcs. It will be the first plant of its kind in the USA and the largest in the world. The power plant is expected to destroy 3000 tons of garbage, generating about 120 megawatts of electricity per day. The plant will also supply steam to a nearby Tropicana juice plant.

Beginning Scams 101

This little girl in the pink is my daughter's friend in Girl Scouts. I have to harness her power of pure bull$%^& and use it for my own nefarious purposes. Kimberly, you can't hang out with her any more. You'll be the patsy, and she'll move to St. Bart's with the money and a new assumed identity.

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