Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2011 Nissan Leaf cabin Air Filter replacement: don't break the tab on the cover, here's how:

I noticed no one that I saw mentioned taking the TOP tab off first.

Then you can just use your fingernail on the bottom because there's little to no tension after that.

A SMALL bit of pressure with a screwdriver as show in the picture will EASILY press down on the top tab, which is probably as it was designed.

As you can see, it's a completely different mechanism than the bottom.

The bottom is too easy to break, and it has slots cut in it that probably make it even more likely.

Please link to this post if you use this picture in the wiki.

When you remove the cover, there should be a pull tab. Just pull on it and the filter side will bend. Note where the tab is, the new one should have the tab in the same place.

When you replace it, bend the side you insert into an arc, bending as little as possible so it will spring back. Don't crease it so it will spring back.

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This is the filter I bought: $17 at the time of this writing and it has activated carbon and is also much thicker than factory. The factory one is pretty cheap and thin.

From Amazon, it will arrive in a big box, but it's the right filter. :)

Now, back to the wiki article.

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