Saturday, November 07, 2009

'Community' Clip: Chevy Chase trades barbs with Joel McHale

This is an awesome sandwich. Chevy Chase and Joel McHale trading slamming yet dry insults at each other. Insults so barbed, they may cause you internal hemorrhaging.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Smoothie And Margarita Machine Bargain

I got one like this a few years back for $30.

What got me to make this post is the fact I had a friend who got one of these:

Now, I'm envious, but the Back to Basics falls within my budget. It has three things that make it a great deal in my book: a stirring stick that goes down through the center that you stir around while it's blending (nothing gets stuck in the pitcher) , a power spout at the bottom that turns on when you want to drink your creation, and a great warranty.

I had to get a replacement for my motor, and something else minor had broken, so they just sent me a whole new one after asking a few questions on the phone! So now I've got spare parts from the old one. Haven't had any problems with the replacement. IIRC, the warranty is 3 years. (!)

Oh, and Cheri, feel free to invite me for margaritas so you can show me yours. As a gadget dood, I'd like to get to play with one. I've seen them in the department stores, but they never give demonstrations.

If HEB can give wine samples, why can't they give margarita machine demos?

Stomache Ulcers: The Big Kids' Disease

My daughter who's 10 is a pain to get up in the morning. I know, right?

So I got her an alarm clock.

I hear it, I wait a little while (mine's set for the same time), and go to check on her. She's up and dressed for school and watching TV upstairs!

Later I hug her and her hair is wet.

'Did you have a shower this morning too?' I had told her last night she should have one but I myself had forgotten.


'Wow, you got up that quick and did all that?' (I'm so impressed!)

"I woke up before my alarm clock."

'What!? Why did you do that?!' (You don't know my daughter. This is unusual.)

"I woke up and then couldn't go back to sleep because I was worried about sleeping through my alarm clock."

They grow up so fast! That's a big people worry. Next, she'll start making her own black coffee in the morning and going through her Power Point presentation before work.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Story

I was enjoying a guilty pleasure (People of and saw:

I'm sure this is either Kid Rock or Jay from 'Jay and Silent Bob fame'.

It reminded me of a story (doodley doo, doodley doo <=-distant memory sound effects)...

We were looking at houses in Oklahoma City back in 1998 when we were moving there. We looked at this one house just because it said it had a secret room. You know you want one too.

Well, the house wasn't what we wanted but we did come away with a gem of a story: The room was concealed by having a door that was covered in faux cheap paneling (yeah I know, right?) so that the seams met just so.

We pushed it open to reveal a room filled with skulls.

Yes, skulls.

Evidently this person collected skulls of all sorts. I don't remember all the varieties but here's the FTW part: on a table by the door was a CATALOGUE to a company that SELLS skulls.

Bonus to the FTW, it was also located in Oklahoma City.

Here, I believe, is that company's website.

(Dang, shoulda got this one in before Halloween.)

Santa! I love Santa!

I found it when I was digging out the Dia de Los Muertos decorations. I had moved it out of the way and not put it back. It's a childhood thing, and that's going back to at least the 70's. An ode to made in America plastics (it's so old it doesn't even say where it was made!). I love all the little details, like the lumpy sack and the present on top. (Don't say it). If you smell it closely, you can smell memories of Christmases past and what used to be a legal plastics additive no doubt. And notice Santa has a whip? You'd never get that past PETA these days. Don't want the kids to think it's OK to spur the reindeer on.
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