Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Monkey on my Back

I got some Epicurean's Delight Bread & Butter Garlic with JalapeƱo from this place. It's AWESOME. You can just eat the cloves straight outta the jar as they are lightly sweet/sour/garlicky/spicy all at the same time. EXCELLENT with pizza or a sandwich. A little pricey at $8 a jar but I bet I can just drop some new cloves in the leftover juice and make a new batch after a while.

IOE's Done

Finished IOE Thursday, took 28 hrs. (25 is the minimum, but we still had some material to cover.) Crappiest landing of course on my checkride. Mainly, floated and ballooned a little bit but the touchdown was good and within the zone, so it counts. Gusty wind doesn't help.

Don't you hate that? Eveything's fine fine fine until the LAST MINUTE THEN you hit some sort of snag.

Here I am at FL370. The Captain had to go to the little captain's room so on goes the mask.

That'd make a great Halloween costume. Strogg pilot. I'll be terrorizing the skies over the central Americas soon.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Periwinkle blue

Someone told me to put something in the 'periwinkle' box today. Uhh, you mean this blue box? Ladies, guys have the mental color equivalent of the 8 count crayon box. The fat stubby ones too.

Unless the object in question is a sports car, a motorcycle, or some hot chick's eyes, please stick to an 8 color spectrum.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Gelato Ebike Trips

I am trying to figure out mileage. The bike really needs an odometer. It's got a speedo, so they should add one just for a ballpark figure.

Here's today's trip so far.

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You get a lot of looks on it that's for sure. Now how do I pick UP the dry cleaning? I'll try a trip to CVS at Hwy 6 and Sienna Parkway to see if I get run over or not. :)
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