Saturday, May 02, 2009

Get your Movie Dork Hat On

And cue 'Comic Book Guy' from 'The Simpsons'.

I sort of wondered about the scene in 'Terminator Salvation' aka 'Terminator 4' where he shoots a terminator in the head at close range with what is probably a 5.56mm rifle round. And those geeks over at Gizmodo were discussing it

The questioned asked here and there is if that could kill a terminator or not, as we've seen them shot with pistol ammo, shotgun ammo (non-slug as far as we can recall) in the movies, and with a .50 BMG in 'Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles' (which did disable the terminator shot with it, but it was an unknown model).

Well, it looks the me the short answer is 'Yes' because it's a movie and they can do what they want.

The longer answer is that in this shot, it's not a T-800 which was the model Arnie plays in all the movies.

Proof: the following is a rotated piece of the scene and a shot of a T-800 model head from T2. You can clearly see there is no CPU hole on the rotated shot, and the front of the skull is different as well as the top plate. 

Terminator 4 model:

T2 Model (T-800):

I rest my case!

The T4 version probably has some soldered in CPU that sucks for gaming and can't be upgraded or overclocked. I'll spend the extra bucks on the T-800 model. It has a better operating system too. 

Thursday, April 30, 2009


My wife was terrified of this huge quarter sized mouse. This thing was CUTE!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yin Yang Cake

Who cuts a cake like this at random? Worse, who notices that it's a sort of yin-tang inverse pattern? Insert lame joke about feng-shui cake here.

Apparently my subconscious likes an orderly yet non-traditional cake cut and my conscious mind is on the lookout for the order in chaos.

Somewhere here there's a whole doctorate thesis.


The big sister: "Aaron, I think you've watched that show about a million times!"
Little brother: "No, only three!"
The big Sister: "I was EXASPERATING, Aaron!"

Lord knows that's the truth...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Free MP3!

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Why Peter Sellers is a better Inspector Clouseau

I finally realized why I like Peter Sellers in the Inspector Clouseau role vs. Steve Martin.

I'm a much bigger SM fan than PS, but the best part about the PS version is he plays Clouseau so deadly serious all the time yet he's a big idiot.

That greater at-odds juxtaposition makes it better to me than SM's less serious portrayal.

That and the SM version on it's own is OK, but just not his best work.

Love me some SM whether it's old standup, SNL, 'Shopgirl' or practically anything but no one bats 1.000.
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