Saturday, August 25, 2007

XP Install = Jenga

Does it seem to anyone else that installing even a new clean XP deployment is like the game 'Jenga'? What should I do first? Well, antivirus, antispyware, and antirootkits ala AVG seem in order, especially since my CD is an SP1. then of course SP2 should be installed, and for good measure Norton Systemworks Pro 2003. (Hey, it's old, but it was cheap. For SMART monitoring and Speeddisk mainly.)

But oops, I let XP install a driver for the not real Soundblaster LIVE! included in a Dell 4550. So now I'm applying the patch from Dell. IIRC, it's not a real SB as it does not do full hardware acceleration or something. One of these days I need to replace that POS, but I'm not a big gamer at all stays probably forever. As I'm not buying a PC anymore. I'll still do Microsoft OS's, but my next desktop will be an Apple Pro Xeon of some flavor.

I've gone 4 years without a reinstall, and I think my hard drive was getting flaky. All the data was backed up so I don't think I've lost anything.

Can't wait for Apple OS X 10.5 and time machine!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


A study in light and composition.

Ah, the dawn of a new day, and the promise of a family vacation starting today at Disney World.

Too bad the kids are here.
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