Monday, January 22, 2007


Discussion about cellphones and PDA's between my crashpad peeps. Roughly quoted: 'She's got one of those 'Brownberry' phones.' 'Oh I think it's the Blueberry.'

. I did correct them.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Magazine for Everything

Hit the tag below for more. Let's not forget that other fine publication, Fertilizer International. Hmm, judging from the pic, they're not packing them in at the 'dining facility'.

We're supposed to call it that because 'chow hall' is demeaning. There will be no more colorful colloquialisms, darnit. Do you get me private? Now drop and give me 20, or as many as won't belittle you.

If you would like more info: Government Food Service.

Mac Tip of the Day

Mac: It just works. Unless you're using a non-Apple piece of hardware. I had been having trouble transferring files from my LG CU500 Cingular phone to my G4 Mac running OS X 10.3.9. It would transfer but then stay connected and the next pic couldn't get sent unless you unplugged the Ambicom BT 2000-C USB dongle.

So, if you open the Bluetooth preferences pane and hit 'disconnect' to disconnect the phone on the right, then you're fine. Either the Mac or phone was staying connected after the transfer.

A bit of a PITA but it isn't always necessary. Just keep the pane open when you're transferring files.

If this helped, send me a quarter.

Freddie Krueger omelette

Take some pepperoni slizes, fry them and the pour the eggs in around crispy pepperoni. Allow egg to brown slightly. Voila. Optional: add tortured soul and long played out movie plot.

St. Louis Storm pics

It's a winter wonder land. One you're trapped in because the airport shut down. Pics from 12 Jan 2007. The roads didn't get bad in my area, but we lost some plants at the crash pad.

Airline Ground School GOS test:

Got a 98 on the GOS test Friday. I hope the difficulty doesn't take a rapid ramp up. The tests aren't hard if you study and pay attention in class. I had a number of questions I wasn't sure of the answer but the best guess worked. Only missed one...

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