Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Ran a 24 hour 'torture' test with 16MB *random* writes using Drive Genius 2. Average was 4.06MB/s, Min 3.58, Max 4.82. So, it exceeds the Class 4 spec on the average by 1.5%, and if you're lucky, over 20%. The worst case is only about 10.5% under the spec and best case is over 20% higher over spec, so yes, it's class 4 for sure. Not much extra performance here.

Long story short: Read is good at 19 megabyte a second through a USB adapter,  SUSTAINED writes will go above the rated class 4 speed by about 15-20%. 4.6-4.8 megabytes/sec is achievable with large write sizes like 8-16MB. Average write speed as I'm typing this is 4.43MB/s aver the last few minutes for a 16MB sized sustained write.

I tested using Drive Genius 2 for OS X.

Small sized writes are horrible, don't ask.

But you were going to load a bunch of video and music to it for your tablet/phone, so it works for that, right?

And it's Patriot, so if you got it at a good price you're golden.

I got it at Fry's for $11.99 after Rebate in May 2012, so it's hard to complain about this card. Worth the money.

Drop a quarter over there with the Paypal button there if I influenced your buying decision. Thanks!

Monday, May 21, 2012

First the kids leave their clothes all over the place, so now this guy leaves his old skin on the wall.

Won't anyone pick anything up in this house?

I told my son it shoots mini fireballs. Too much World of Warcraft I guess. I think he gets his imagination from his mother. Well at least we know it can be skinned. What's the mat craft into?

On another note, I got a complete pour with some nice crema using my Bodum press today. This was after stirring in some fructose, so I popped a few of the bubbles, but it's still nice. I didn't lose coffee below the plunger as I've had up until now. Must be getting better at it.

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