Sunday, September 07, 2014

CCD Barcode Scanners: #1 Seller on Amazon, I has it

I have one from 3 years ago from the same company as ones shown below. The new model is the black one, mine's the beige.

These are oh so useful for:
  • Scanning long numbers off SIM cards, phones (ESN/MEID), if you're activating a SIM, checking a blacklist, etc. etc. For that alone, this is a huge time saver.
  • Price checking on Amazon: just put the cursor in the search button Amazon and hit the button on the scanner and scan the UPC code.
  • Googling that same UPC code
In short, your computer sees it as a keyboard so it will type in all sorts of barcodes for you, and there are no drivers for it. You can also configure it to type 'Enter' after the scan or not, if you like.

I'm using it on a Mac but it should work on any operating system.

The first one on the box at the top is the #1 seller at Amazon.

Of course, the super OCD among you can use it to organize your CD and music collection.
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