Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Is a cheap HDMI cable as good as an expensive one?

PSA Pet Peeve: people selling those ripoff HDMI cables. For non-120hz, plain old TV, a cheap one works just as well.

All the TV and device have to be able to tell is:

"Is that a 1 or a 0 coming over the wire?"

Pretty black and white issue. Pretty much literally.

Kind of like this: can you tell the difference between sticking your tongue on a watch battery and not doing it?

That's 3 volts. HDMI is slightly more. Basically.

Now, for longer runs, higher refresh rate, 3D, 4K, etc etc. then it might make a difference.

But you can get a cheap cable so cheap you might as well try it.

TiVo, Xbox, Roku 3, soundbar....all the stuff I have runs just fine on cheap cables.

Now please use my Amazon link to buy one:

Looks like about $4.50 will put one in your hand to try.

Nissan Leaf Key Fob Remote Battery. And: What's the difference between a CR2032 and CR2025

Short answer: Buy a pack of CR2032's, they work. For more data, read on.

Link to CR2032's on Amazon:

If you insist, the CR 2025's are here:

Please use my link and support my site. 

The thickness is the big difference. the CR2032 is .7mm taller. It fits fine in the Nissan Leaf key fob.

The nice thing is at has 225mAh capacity vs the 165mAh in the CR2025.

So, you'll replace it about 1/3rd less often, if your time means anything to you.

Anecdotally, I see a lot more devices around that use a CR2032 for probably that reason: 36% more capacity so changing it less often is a good thing. And in most devices a .7mm height difference isn't anything worth considering.

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