Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Does this make you dizzy?

We were out and about after my daughter had gotten out of the hospital, and she wandered over to the grassy area under this power line. Don't worry, it was in the middle of a parking lot with lots of traffic so it was sound as a pound.

She was looking up through the middle of the tower and fell over a few times. If you knew my daughter and how smart and cool she thinks she is (at age 7 so she's a big girl too) you'd appreciate this more.

Kitty Porn

This is Nibbler, my new kitteh. He's disguising himself as part of the bedding so he can stay there. See how his stripes kind of blend with the sheet and he distorts himself into a sort of non-catlike profile? A real professional.

His namesake of course is Nibbler from Futurama.

The kitteh has been noted to nibble on human extremeties, Easter baskets, saw palm trees, grass, foam alphabet letter refrigerator magnets and who knows what else.
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