Thursday, June 26, 2008

Found: Chow Mix dog

Updated 5/27/2009. We kept him, and after several vet bills exceeding any previous animal acquisitions by at least 100%, and a near year of ownership, he is now as worthless as the other dog.

We found this dog on Thursday 6/26/08 about 2pm. He has a tag with The Pet Vet Animal Hospital on Southwest Freeeway's phone # and the rabies tag # is 102641.

It is a smaller chow mix of some sort. Black spotted tongue, male.

He was found in Sienna Plantation in Missouri City, TX.

British food at HEB Plus in Houston

I used to bring these back from missions overseas. Cadbury, Twinings Earl Grey, Nestle Aero, and all your faveys, luv.

Conspiciously absent: Cadbury Flake. (The thinly shaved chocolate bars.)

This is Oliver Twist. "Please, suh, I want som' more."

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The South Lawn

Omni Hotel, Washington DC

The Omni Hotel Washington, D.C.

Presidents, Kings, and now the Roblog's minions have stayed here. Check the view in the next incoming pic for the southlawn view.

Monday, June 23, 2008


...and unicorns and elves. Let's frolic in a misty glade.

This is post rain in Washington , D.C.

That glowing collection of lights inside the arch is:

a) a spaceship from the Galactic Inquisitors
b) spirits of our founding fathers rolling over in their grave at some of the crap going on in the US (budget, moral decline, sue-happy consumers, dismantling of the constitution, etc. Pick your poison)
c) a chandelier reflected in the window.

I vote 'b'.

The World is Topsy Turvy

I was able to get sweet tea in Washington DC today, but not so far in Texas!

Life doesn't make sense any more.

I guess we're technically in the South, but only just.
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