Saturday, October 26, 2019

Bridging TCP/IP on an Apple IIgs to the rest of the world

I wrote separate article on bridging Ethernet to Localtalk which turns out to be fairly trivial using a beige G3 as a software bridge.

So *PHYSICALLY* we are bridged, sorta, but the LocalTalk bridge software doesn't pass TCP/IP packets.

"Except for the Farallon StarRouter, none of the bridge solutions allow use of TCP/IP, which means the oldest Macs can't access the internet.

MacIPgw is what I’m fiddling with now.


Q: Where do I put the TCPIP update for Marinetti (
A: It goes in the System.Setup folder. You can hit Command-I and it's 3.0b11 for the new one as of this writing.

Friday, October 25, 2019

IIgs and CFFA 3000 and lost Icons Folder

My problem:

Suddenly my relatively fresh GSOS 6.0.4 install on a CFFA 3000 CF card lost the Icons folder and the Ftype.Apple file.

"Finder couldn't Load any File type Descriptors"

For some strange reason there was a More.Icons folder though.

It was installed on a .po file via (IIRC) a fresh actual physical floppy set. (Before I got better at using the CFFA 3000 and images.)


Download a fresh live .po image of GSOS 6.0.4
Boot the new live image.
When booted, press Open Apple-Ctrl-Esc and mount your faulty installation.
Copy More.Icons over to Icons.

One issue:
Mounting the live install first in Smartport slot 1 then adding my .po file to slot 2 still booted mine. So, don't mount your defective install until after booting the fresh one.
Solved: in the CFFA CDA, set the USB or CF to start first as desired.

Solved until further notice: Copying the files in More.Icons to Icons allowed GSOS to boot.

Issue: why do I have Bill the Cat from Bloom County as my trash icon? Don't remember installing that...

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Husqvarna HU 625AWD drive cable replacement and return spring attachment location.

First, PLEASE use this Amazon link if you're buying the cable. We get a few cents. This is where I got mine. It is correct and looks exact.

Mainly posting because my return spring that disengages the drive popped off and one attach point is hidden.


Spring Location

This is with the mower on its side. As you can see, one end attaches to a slot on the plastic guard on the left and it's kind of hidden. the other end goes to an attach hole on the greased part you see on the right. I hit it all with some spray white lithium grease.

I'd also recommend some lithium grease on the cable. Mine rusted out.

Link for grease:

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